Stray Arrow Ranch Cider Apples Utah


Cut open a Redfield apple and you will find raspberry-colored flesh, fading to a light pinkish core. Considered too tart to eat out of hand, the Redfield apple is prized for baking and its red juice, used in jellies, vinegars and of course, cider. Apples are medium to large sized, with a rich red, waxy skin.

Type: cooking, cider

Pedigree: Wolf River and Niedzwetzskayana Crab, developed by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, released 1938

Orcharding information
Flowering group: ?
Pollination: ?

Ciders made with this apple
West County Cider single varietal

Why we planted it: At a Glynwood cider event in 2012, we tasted West County Cider’s single varietal Redfield cider. Even before it hit the glass, I knew we would plant this apple if it could possibly grow here just because the color of the cider was the same as the Velvet Ridge, a red rock mesa north of our orchards. The taste of that delicious cider only confirmed the decision.

Stray Arrow Ranch trees
Kingbird orchard
2013: 12 planted, B9 rootstock

Bluebird orchard
2014: 12 planted, MM106 rootstock

Field and tasting notes
2014: 2013 trees flowered but a 20 deg frost on May 1 wiped out almost all the fruit in our area. Every aspect of the trees themselves is tinged with red, from flowers to the cambium to the leaves.