Stray Arrow Ranch Cider Apples Utah

Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl is the only one of Albert Etter‘s red fleshed breeding project apples to be widely cultivated after his death. Like most summer-ripening apples, it does not store well. Used as a dessert fruit and also for baking summer pies. Pale chartreuse skin, crisp sweet/tart flesh. Flowers are pink!

Type: dessert/table fruit, baking

Pedigree: Release by California plant breeder Albert Etter in 1944. Seedling of Surprise.

Orcharding information
Flowering group: 1
Pollination: ?

Ciders made with this apple
Devoto Orchards in Sebastopol, California, uses Pink Pearl as a blending apple in its “Save the Gravenstein” and “1976” ciders.

Why we planted it: We are intrigued by red fleshed apples. We hope that visitors will enjoy a cultivar that fruits during the high season in our area, if we can get it to bear. We don’t yet know how much more susceptible to frost it is here due to its early flowering habit.

Stray Arrow Ranch trees
Kingbird orchard
2014: 4 planted, G11/MM111 rootstock

Field and tasting notes