Stray Arrow Ranch Cider Apples Utah


With its bright red skin and crisp white flesh, Liberty is a relatively new apple that hasn’t lost touch with its roots in terms of flavor, with modern breeding adding good disease resistance to its McIntosh-derived flavors.

Type: dessert

Pedigree: Macoun (whose parents were McIntosh and Black Jersey), developed by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, released 1978

Orcharding information
Flowering group: 2
Pollination: Triploid, poor pollinator and self-sterile

Ciders made with this apple
Bellwether , located in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York, has made a Liberty-Northern Spy blend cider.

Why we planted it: In the first experimental planting, chosen for reputed disease resistance as a base juice.

Stray Arrow Ranch trees
Kingbird orchard
2012: 4 planted, G202 and B119 rootstock

Field and tasting notes
2015: One of only five varieties to fruit after an extraordinarily warm winter followed by a deep freeze in early spring. It placed third at the 2015 Stray Arrow apple tasting.