Stray Arrow Ranch Cider Apples Utah


One of the early breeding projects of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, the Cortland apple is a cross between two of the most popular commercial apples of the times. The cross of Ben Davis and McIntosh produced a sweeter flavor that is often described as vinous. The flesh also tends not to brown when cut, making it a nice apple for fruit salads and fruit platters.

Type: table fruit, cooking

Pedigree: Ben Davis x McIntosh, developed by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1898

Orcharding information
Flowering group: 3
Pollination: partially self-fertile

Ciders made with this apple
Used as a base for blending.

Why we planted it: We planted it primarily as a pollinator for other apples, for our own use, to sell at our local farmers market.

Stray Arrow Ranch trees
Kingbird orchard
2012: 1 planted, B9 rootstock

Field and tasting notes
2015: One of only five varieties to fruit after an extraordinarily warm winter followed by a deep freeze in early spring. It placed second at the 2015 Stray Arrow apple tasting.